This site does not offer any illegal books, if you are looking for a copyrighted book we advise you to buy them from our partners e.g. Amazon …, only free books are downloadable.

Our purpose

BOOK EPUB exists as an intermediary between author, users and queries. We try to give users who are already in the process of obtaining electronic copies of their works a chance to help the authors. To do this, we encourage users to buy the book if they liked it and to leave a positive review on popular book sites. BOOK EPUB does not host or intend to host copyrighted content on our domain. We only provide existing content. Which means that if BOOK EPUB did not exist, users would just as easily get a copy of the book questioned.


Works protected by copyright are relevant in recent years. Sales of paper books have actually declined. Not because people read less, but because most of the reading is now done on electronic devices. This increase in online audience, unfortunately, has led publications to be published online without any benefit to the authors. As long as users prefer to read books in PDF / epub format rather than physical copies, this release will exist.

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