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Conexiones: Comunicacion y cultura by Eduardo Zayas-Bazan Details

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Discover a whole new world! Conexiones: Comunicacion y Cultura, the fifth edition marks the beginning of a new program that has successfully taught thousands of students. Although the new version 5 still retains what has always been a wonderful Conexiones, the new version has been rebuilt from the ground up thanks to the comments of teachers and students across the country.

Through related and attractive topics, a real intermediate grammar, and a focus on dynamic cultures in the Spanish-speaking world, students will reach higher levels of competence and discover a whole new world with Conexiones: Comunicacion y Cultura, 5th edition. Learning and learning experience Improving communication skills while engaging students: Conexiones communicates with students who actually live and live in the media, in addition to campus study disciplines.

So far, the separation between basic language study and advanced study has been surprising and difficult on the bridge for both students and teachers who study advanced courses. We made it easier! Achieve consistent learning outcomes: Conexiones brings students to a true intermediate level of proficiency through its carefully chosen sequence and sequence and gives steudents the necessary foundation for success in the upper tier classes.

Communicate with Culture: WithConexiones, language and culture are inseparable; part of the same mosaic, each telling the other. Rich with cultural inputs throughout the seasons, Conexiones also integrates music, art and literature to expand on the topics of chapter sections in Comunicacion y cultura. The new video program captures the richness of the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

Save Time Management Course: MySpanishLab® offers the most powerful trainer tools available to help teachers manage their courses efficiently and stay in touch with their students. 0205950353/9780205950355 Conexiones: Comunicacion y cultura Plus MySpanishLab (access to a multi-semester) - Access Package consists of: 0205886973/9780205886975 Conexiones: Comunicacion y cultura 020589853X / 9780205898534 / MySpanishLab with Pearson eText - Access Card - for Conexiones: Comunicacion y cultura For a multiple semester).

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