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Cover Company of Cowards

Get Company of Cowards Book

This classic novel of courage and redemption offers Jared Heath. Heath, a captain in the Union army, was stripped of…
Cover The Kean Land and Other Stories

Get The Kean Land and Other Stories Book

The classic Western short stories in Jack Scheffer's collection explore these changing and often changing realities throughout the American West.…
Cover Monte Walsh

Get Monte Walsh Book

Originally published in 1963, Monty Walsh still rejoices readers as a classic and popular Western favorites. The novel explores the…
Cover Mavericks

Get Mavericks Book

"The old Jake Hanlon begins at the edge of Mesa and overlooks the miles of the Southwest Plain," begins the…
Cover Retribution: The Centurions III - The Centurions

Get Retribution Book

The thrilling peak of the epic story of the Bataffi uprising in 69 AD, the author of the best-selling Empire…
Cover Christmas at Woolworths - Woolworths

Get Christmas at Woolworths Book

Although there is a war, the Woolworths girls cheer Christmas for their best friends Sarah, Massey and Freda bring their…

Cover Grey Sister

Get Grey Sister Book

The second novel in a wonderful new series by the author of the best book of PRINCE OF THORNS. In…
Cover The Party

Get The Party Book

A frightening story of betrayal, privilege and hypocrisy was put at the heart of the British establishment. Martin Gilmore and…
Cover Christmas with the Bomb Girls - The Bomb Girls

Get Christmas with the Bomb Girls Book

Annie Murray, author of "War Now" is the OverFans of Leslie Pearce, Maggie Hope, Dale Court and Donna Douglas will…
Cover Knights of the Skull, Vol.2: Germany's Panzer Forces in WWII, Barbarossa: the Invasion of Russia, 1941

Get Knights of the Skull, Vol.2 Book

The Knights of the Skull is a full-color fantasy series depicting the development of the German Armored Forces in World…
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