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Cover Cities of Tomorrow: An Intellectual History of Urban Planning and Design Since 1880

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Peter Hall's major cities of tomorrow remain an unparalleled account of planning history in theory and practice, as well as…
Cover Architectural Graphics

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The best-selling architectural sketches guide for architectural drawing, with new information, examples and resources, is the classic best-selling reference by…
Cover Seeking New York: The Stories Behind the Historic Architecture of Manhattan - One Building at a Time

Get Seeking New York Book

"If you're looking for another coffee table inspired by photography for the New York City skyline, look away. New York…
Cover Context: Architecture and the Genius of Place - Architectural Design Primer

Get Context Architecture and the Genius of Place Book

Explaining how building preparation should be an inspiration and inspiration rather than restricting Context-Architecture and Genius of Place is a…
Cover Heritage Planning: Principles and Process

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Heritage planning: principles and processes provide a comprehensive overview of heritage planning as an area of ​​professional practice. The book…
Cover Iran: Past, Present and Future - Architectural Design

Get Iran Past, Present and Future Book

Over the past few decades, Iranian architects have made a significant contribution to architectural design. However, this remained largely unrecognized…

Cover Scarcity: Architecture in an Age of Depleting Resources - Architectural Design

Get Scarcity Architecture in an Age of Depleting Resources Book

Leading analysts in all major resource areas - water, food, materials, energy and finance - tell us that our global…
Cover Green Building Illustrated

Get Green Building Illustrated Book

Green Building Illustrated is a must-read for students and professionals in the building industry. The combination of incredibly expressive illustrations…
Cover The Cambridge Art Book: The city through the eyes of its artists - The city seen through the eyes of its artists 1

Get The Cambridge Art Book Book

The Cambridge Art Book contains a unique collection of contemporary images of this most beautiful city, from the grand architecture…
Cover Walt Disney and the Quest for Community

Get Walt Disney and the Quest for Community Book

During the last months of his life, Walt Disney consumed the problems of cities all over the world. His concept…
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