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Cover Local Music Scenes and Globalization: Transnational Platforms in Beirut

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This book provides the first in-depth study of the experimental and popular music scene in Beirut, looking at musicians working…
Cover Edward Said's Translocations: Essays in Secular Criticism

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Working with transitions enabled Edward Said to refer to interdependence and integration across geographical and disciplinary boundaries while acknowledging the…
Cover Artificial Culture: Identity, Technology, and Bodies

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Artificial culture is an examination of the formulation, construction and representation of "artificial" in contemporary popular cultural texts, especially science…
Cover Feminist Challenges: Social and Political Theory

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In feminist challenges, new and established scholars demonstrate the application of feminism in a range of academic disciplines including history,…
Cover Experiencing Erikson

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The work and legacy of Milton H. Erickson, MD, his personal methods and techniques designed to unlock the potential of…
Cover Beyond Dieting: Psychoeducational Interventions For Chronically Obese Women

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It was first published in 1990. Routledge is a footprint of Taylor & Francis, a media company.

Cover A Secret World: Sexuality And The Search For Celibacy

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The Secret World is a valuable contribution to family therapy. He looks at the history and origins of celibacy, discusses…
Cover Travel Connections: Tourism, Technology and Togetherness in a Mobile World

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Living in a world where "mobility" is increasing means that many of us now rely on mobile devices, social media…
Cover Celebrity Culture and the American Dream: Stardom and Social Mobility

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Celebrity Culture and the American Dream, the second edition looks at how the major economic and historical factors shape the…
Cover The Changing World Religion Map: Sacred Places, Identities, Practices and Politics

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This broad work explores the changing world of religions, beliefs and practices. It discusses a wide range of issues and…
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