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Cover Beyond Cultural Imperialism: Globalization, Communication and the New International Order - Communication and Human Values series

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Beyond the concepts of cultural imperialism, this book increases our understanding of the effects of global media culture and policy…
Cover British Women's Cinema - British Popular Cinema

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British women's cinema examines female-centered films throughout the history of British cinema, from silent melodrama and drama in the 1940s…
Cover China on Video: Smaller-Screen Realities - Routledge Studies in Asia's Transformations

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China on Video is the first in-depth study to look at the smaller screen realities and the important role it…
Cover Cambridge Studies in Christian Doctrine: The Creativity of God: World, Eucharist, Reason Series Number 12

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We, as a theological community, have lost a language in which we speak of the creation of the world. As…
Cover Modern European Philosophy: The Innovations of Idealism

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This collection of essays, first published in German in 1995, was written by the first representative of the interpretive approach…
Cover Contemporary Philosophy in Focus: Thomas Kuhn

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Contemporary philosophy in focus offers a series of introductory volumes for many of the most influential philosophers of the present…

Cover Cultural Gap and Economical Crisis in Africa: Africa Must Reinvent Herself in Order to Overcome Her Economic Crisis. Focus on the Sub-Saharan Region

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Africa in today's crisis is without a doubt. The media is full of stories and analyzes for this purpose. However,…
Cover Threads of Identity: Preserving Palestinian Costume and Heritage

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This book is a record of fifty years spent by Dad Kawar in the search for part of the heritage…
Cover Blood & Thunder: Inside an Ulster Protestant Band

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There are 584 bands in Northern Ireland, yet their presence and activities are not reported except for news of tensions…
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