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Cover The 10 Principles of Food Industry Sustainability

Get The 10 Principles of Food Industry Sustainability Book

Although the food industry is beginning to make progress in sustainability initiatives, more progress is needed to feed the population…
Cover Human Geography: A Concise Introduction

Get Human Geography Book

Using the story of the West and the world as her background, this book provides beginners with a clear and…
Cover Linking Emotional Intelligence and Performance at Work: Current Research Evidence With Individuals and Groups

Get Linking Emotional Intelligence and Performance at Work Book

In this edited volume, groundbreaking researchers discuss the relationship between Emotional Intelligence (EI) and workplace performance. Contributors from many areas…
Cover Cities of Tomorrow: An Intellectual History of Urban Planning and Design Since 1880

Get Cities of Tomorrow Book

Peter Hall's major cities of tomorrow remain an unparalleled account of planning history in theory and practice, as well as…
Cover Australian Environmental Planning: Challenges and Future Prospects

Get Australian Environmental Planning Book

Winner of the Australian Planning Institute Award 2015 for Research and Education! Australians from all walks of life began to…
Cover Governing International Watercourses: River Basin Organizations and the Sustainable Governance of Internationally Shared Rivers and Lakes

Get Governing International Watercourses Book

This book focuses on river basin organizations as the primary institutions for managing internationally shared water resources. This includes a…

Cover Psychotherapy Of The Borderline Adult: A Developmental Approach

Get Psychotherapy Of The Borderline Adult Book

It was first published in 1988. This volume brings an arrangement of diagnosis, understandable theory, and a medical approach to…
Cover Bioregionalism and Global Ethics: A Transactional Approach to Achieving Ecological Sustainability, Social Justice, and Human Well-being

Get Bioregionalism and Global Ethics Book

Bioregionalism and Global Ethics indicate that current trends towards globalization are creating completely new social and environmental problems that require…
Cover Discovering Physical Geography

Get Discovering Physical Geography Book

The third edition of Arbogast Discovering Physical Geography provides a comprehensive set of animations, simulations and interactions that help readers…
Cover Visualizing Human Geography: At Home in a Diverse World - Visualizing Series

Get Visualizing Human Geography Book

Newly revised, Human Geography: At Home in a Diverse World, the third edition is increasing the use of images, maps…
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