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Cover Affect in Social Thinking and Behavior - Frontiers of Social Psychology

Get Affect in Social Thinking and Behavior Book

The role of influencing how people think and behave in social situations has been a striking source for secular and…
Cover Minecraft For Dummies Collection

Get Minecraft For Dummies Collection Book

Three Minecraft titles that will help you achieve one goal to become a better player, Minecraft For Dummies Collection, 3-Book…
Cover Digital Filmmaking For Kids For Dummies - For Kids For Dummies

Get Digital Filmmaking For Kids For Dummies Book

The easy way for kids to start filmmaking If you've been bitten by a filmmaking mistake even if you don't…
Cover Associative Illusions of Memory: False Memory Research in DRM and Related Tasks - Essays in Cognitive Psychology

Get Associative Illusions of Memory Book

The past decade has witnessed a series of empirical research on the neuropsychological foundations of phantom memories. Using simple materials…
Cover iPod & iTunes For Dummies

Get iPod & iTunes For Dummies Book

Start using your iPod and iTunes and this bestseller - now in full color! iPod & iTunes For Dummies is…
Cover The Backstagers Vol. 1

Get The Backstagers Vol. 1 Book

When Gori moves to a private high school for all boys, he is called by the only ones who do…

Cover The Hell of War Comes Home: Imaginative Texts from the Conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq

Get The Hell of War Comes Home Book

Owen Gillman Jr. emphasizes the United States' experience in the 21st century war and argues that wherever and wherever there…
Cover Bon: The Last Highway: The Untold Story of Bon Scott and AC/DC's Back in Black

Get Bon The Last Highway Book

The death of Bon Scott is the Da Vinci Code of the Rock. As the legend of the well-known man…
Cover Documents of the Spanish Vanguard - North Carolina Studies in the Romance Languages and Literatures

Get Documents of the Spanish Vanguard Book

This collection of fifty-seven articles, essays and other prose writings on literature, painting, music and cinema was collected from several…
Cover The Life of a Song: The fascinating stories behind 50 of the world's best-loved songs

Get The Life of a Song Book

Who knew that Paul McCartney was originally referring to yesterday as "scrambled eggs" because he could not think of any…
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