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Cover Critical Perspectives on Indo-Caribbean Women's Literature

Get Critical Perspectives on Indo Book

This book is the first collection on women's writings in India and the Caribbean and the first to provide a…
Cover Analyzing Within-subjects Experiments

Get Analyzing Within Book

Most behavioral scientists know two important concepts - how to analyze continuous data from random treatment groups of people and…
Cover Gender, Imperialism and Global Exchanges - Gender and History Special Issues

Get Gender, Imperialism and Global Exchanges Book

Gender, imperialism, and global exchange offer a collection of original readings that address the gender dimensions of the empire from…
Cover Gender and Creative Labour - Sociological Review Monographs

Get Gender and Creative Labour Book

Gender and creative work offer a range of readings that reflect the latest research on employment positions in a range…
Cover The Personification of Wisdom - Society for Old Testament Study

Get The Personification of Wisdom Book

This book examines the embodiment of wisdom as a female figure - a focus in Proverbs, Job, Sarash, Wisdom, and…
Cover Gendered Masks of Liminality and Race: Black Female Trickster's Subversion of Hegemonic Discourse in African American Women Literature

Get Gendered Masks of Liminality and Race Book

Shape transformers, chaos nurses, rule breakers, corrupt creatures, ridiculous characters, fraudsters can be traced as frequent characters over time. Fraudsters…

Cover The Emotions of Justice: Gender, Status, and Legal Performance in Choson Korea - Korean Studies of the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies

Get The Emotions of Justice Book

Chosun (1392-1910) is often portrayed as a rigid society because of its genetic system, slavery, and Confucian norms of sex.…
Cover A History of Britain in 21 Women: A Personal Selection

Get A History of Britain in 21 Women Book

They were famous queens, unrecognized artists, great artists and leading politicians. They have all pushed back and revolutionized our world.…
Cover The Pedagogy of Pathologization: Dis/abled Girls of Color in the School-prison Nexus

Get The Pedagogy of Pathologization Book

Winner of the 2018 National Women's Studies Association Allison PEPEPEIER BOOK Award Linking Strong First Characters With structural analysis, the…
Cover Mother Teresa: Love Stays

Get Mother Teresa Book

Mother Teresa's life was inspired and inspired by Gela. Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 and is…
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