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Cover The O'Hara Concern: A Biography of John O'Hara

Get The O'Hara Concern Book

This edition of John O'Hara's biography of Broccoli contains a commentary based on a search of New Yorker archives. Correspondence…
Cover A Good Face for Radio: Confessions of a Radio Head

Get A Good Face for Radio Book

Eddie Meyer, through his own account, is one of the most popular radio stations in Britain. He worked in Dundee,…
Cover Eleanor Baldwin and the Woman's Point of View: New Thought Radicalism in Portland's Progressive Era

Get Eleanor Baldwin and the Woman's Point of View Book

Eleanor Baldwin and The Woman's Point of View is an intellectual biography of a long-time feminist journalist in Portland, whose…
Cover A Thorn In My Pocket: Temple Grandin's Mother Tells the Family Story

Get A Thorn In My Pocket Book

A Thorn in My Pocket is the story of Eustacea Cutler about the upbringing of her daughter, Templar Grandin, in…
Cover Red, White and Latina: Our American Identity

Get Red, White and Latina Book

The diversity that America has established at the moment is the same. Instead of seeing our individual differences as a…
Cover The Art of Failing: Notes from the Underdog

Get The Art of Failing Book

Book watcher of the year happened! Through endless small insults. struggle! To revive the corpse of his literary career. Mortar!…

Cover Things My Dog Has Taught Me: About being a better human

Get Things My Dog Has Taught Me Book

"Strongly recommended" - Justin Webb'A wonderful reading "- Our Kelly Loren can teach us how to appreciate the wonderful world…
Cover Iron Butterfly

Get Iron Butterfly Book

Chun Ok Harmon was born immediately after the Korean War, when South Korea was suffering from extreme poverty. These memoirs…
Cover Hero: David Bowie

Get Hero David Bowie Book

*** By the Sunday Times of the best-selling book in Boehman Rapids Magazine *** "A wonderful look at one of…
Cover Life in the Garden

Get Life in the Garden Book

The two main activities in my life - along with writing - were reading and practicing horticulture. Penelope Lively has…
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