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Cover Sovereignty and Social Reform in India: British Colonialism and the Campaign against Sati, 1830-1860

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The British prohibition of sati (the funeral practice of widow sacrifice) in 1829 was considered a typical example of colonial…
Cover Gender, Imperialism and Global Exchanges - Gender and History Special Issues

Get Gender, Imperialism and Global Exchanges Book

Gender, imperialism, and global exchange offer a collection of original readings that address the gender dimensions of the empire from…
Cover World History 101: From ancient Mesopotamia and the Viking conquests to NATO and WikiLeaks, an essential primer on world history - Adams 101

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Discover the mysteries of the past with this comprehensive and exciting guide to the history of the world. History books…
Cover Roy Sievers: The Sweetest Right Handed Swing"" in 1950s Baseball

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I do not think you can find, in the history of baseball, any other player who suffered many setbacks like…
Cover A History of Boxing In Mexico: Masculinity, Modernity, and Nationalism

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Violent boxing was shaped in the form of Mexican national identity concepts during the 20th century. This book reveals how…
Cover Textiles of the Middle East and Central Asia: The Fabric of Life

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From intricate embroidery on a Palestinian wedding dress to intricate icons on an Afghan rug, textiles reflect the beliefs, practices…

Cover Postcolonial African anthropologies

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African post-colonial anthropology shows some postcolonial ethnography, and aims to find out how and why anthropology has been engaged in…
Cover A Time to Rise: Collective Memoirs of the Union of Democratic Filipinos  (Hardback)

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The time of uplift is an intimate view of the work of the KDP, the only revolutionary organization that emerged…
Cover Planting Empire, Cultivating Subjects: British Malaya, 1786-1941

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Cultivated empire, agricultural subjects are taught ordinary people's stories to explore the internal business of colonial rule. Chinese, Indians and…
Cover A Film History of Chinese Minorities

Get A Film History of Chinese Minorities Book

A history film for Chinese minorities is a historical study of the history of films related to Chinese minorities from…
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