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Cover Buddhism in Australia: Traditions in Change

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The number of Buddhists in Australia has increased dramatically in recent years. In 2006, Buddhists accounted for 2.1 percent of…
Cover Christian Foundations: A discipleship guide for new Christians

Get Christian Foundations Book

Jesus called his followers first and foremost to become disciples. Unfortunately, many of those who have done a professional work…
Cover Baptism: Its purpose, practice and power

Get Baptism Its purpose, practice and power Book

Baptism: It seems that the confusion has not disappeared. Some Christians press on baptism as a gateway to the Church.…
Cover Handing on the Faith: The Church's Mission and Challenge

Get Handing on the Faith Book

Winner of the Catholic Press Award. Crossroad Publishing offers the first church volume in the 21st century series sponsored by…
Cover May God Bless You: Reflections for Families

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Carefully selected by the Vatican Publishing House, and the words of Pope Francis for families are encouraging and difficult. A…
Cover The Chronicles of the Box: A Personal Journey of Healing and Restoration from Shame

Get The Chronicles of the Box Book

The effects of previous abuses threatened to hit the lid on a vibrant life box. But the loving and powerful…

Cover We Need to Talk about Religious Education: Manifestos for the Future of Re

Get We Need to Talk about Religious Education Book

Although religious instruction is a legal requirement in UK schools, it is a neglected and misunderstood subject. It is important…
Cover Bitten by a Camel: Leaving Church, Finding God

Get Bitten by a Camel Book

Kent Dobson ascended to Mount Sinai in search of the God who had failed him. So he polluted him by…
Cover The Buddha in Sri Lanka: Histories and Stories

Get The Buddha in Sri Lanka Book

This book examines the culture, religion and political system in the context of Buddhism. Gannanath Obesikiri, one of South Asia's…
Cover God-Soaked Life: Discovering a Kingdom Spirituality

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The presence of God permeates our lives and activities, echoing in everything that has been created. As we open our…
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