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Cover Working Memory Capacity - Essays in Cognitive Psychology

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The idea of ​​"filling" one's memory is a comic misconception of how memory works in general; In fact it has…
Cover The Deja Vu Experience - Essays in Cognitive Psychology

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Most of us were puzzled by a strange sense of intimacy when doing something for the first time. We feel…
Cover Associative Illusions of Memory: False Memory Research in DRM and Related Tasks - Essays in Cognitive Psychology

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The past decade has witnessed a series of empirical research on the neuropsychological foundations of phantom memories. Using simple materials…
Cover The Foundations of Remembering: Essays in Honor of Henry L. Roediger, III - Psychology Press Festschrift Series

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"Foundations of Remembering" presents a collection of articles written by leading memory scientists in honor of Henry's. Rodiger III. The…
Cover Contextualizing Human Memory: An interdisciplinary approach to understanding how individuals and groups remember the past - Explorations in Cognitive Psychology

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This edited group offers an internal and internal discussion about the critical role of how and when individuals and groups…
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