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Cover Sovereignty and Social Reform in India: British Colonialism and the Campaign against Sati, 1830-1860

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The British prohibition of sati (the funeral practice of widow sacrifice) in 1829 was considered a typical example of colonial…
Cover The Labour Movement in the Global South: Trade Unions in Sri Lanka

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Based on extensive original research, this book examines the challenges facing trade unions in the Global South, by focusing on…
Cover Vital Factors: The Secret to Transforming Your Business - And Your Life - J-B US non-Franchise Leadership

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Praise for the Vital Factors “Each story in this book provides a realistic example of the importance of finding ways…
Cover James Martin Desserts

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There is nothing James Martin does not know about sweets, cakes, and pastries. In this acclaimed book, he explores all…
Cover India in South Asia: Domestic Identity Politics and Foreign Policy from Nehru to the BJP

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South Asia is one of the most volatile regions in the world, and India's complex democratic political system affects its…
Cover Do Justice and Let the Sky Fall: Elizabeth F. Loftus and Her Contributions to Science, Law, and Academic Freedom - Psychology Press Festschrift Series

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For more than 30 years, the celebrated psychologist Elizabeth F. Loftus conducts pioneering research in the fields of science, law…

Cover Critical Perspectives on Indo-Caribbean Women's Literature

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This book is the first collection on women's writings in India and the Caribbean and the first to provide a…
Cover Applied Spatial Cognition: From Research to Cognitive Technology

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Applied spatial perception illustrates the vital link between research and application in spatial perception. With an impressive landscape ranging from…
Cover Buddhism in Australia: Traditions in Change

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The number of Buddhists in Australia has increased dramatically in recent years. In 2006, Buddhists accounted for 2.1 percent of…
Cover The Compleat Social Worker

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The role of a social worker as a liar can be found interestingly between the community and the individuals who…
Cover IC3: Internet and Computing Core Certification Global Standard 4 Study Guide

Get IC3 Internet and Computing Core Certification Global Standard 4 Study Guide Book

IC3 Prep Hands-on Training, with Expert Instructions and Plenty of Tools IC3: The Global Basic Study Guide for Internet and…
Cover Gamechangers: Creating Innovative Strategies for Business and Brands; New Approaches to Strategy, Innovation and Marketing

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Shake and redefine the market by changing your game! A new generation of companies is emerging from the cycle of…
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