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Cover Making Waves: Paddle Steamer to Liner... Portuguese Coaster to Norwegian Tanker: A Mariner's Tale 1939-48 - Maritime Heritage

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This autobiography records the diverse work of the maritime author. In 1939 he obtained a Scottish graduate degree, unable to…
Cover The Meaning of Apricot Sponge: Selected Writings of John Tripp

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John Tripp had the genius of the chameleon that had strengthened literary life in Wales for almost three decades. The…
Cover A History of Sheffield

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Sheffield has always been synonymous with knives and steel, and most of the previous books have recognized the enormous changes…
Cover The Girl Who Couldn't Read

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New England, 1890. Doctor John Shepard arrives at a women's mental hospital to start working as an assistant to the…
Cover The Colombian Mule

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When Colombian Arias Cuevas is arrested in an attempt to smuggle drugs through Venice airport, his fear is not related…
Cover Death's Dark Abyss

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A tragic drama of guilt, revenge and justice tells the story of two men and the savage crime that binds…

Cover When Breath Becomes Air

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Our Website Non-fiction Book of the Month for January (2017) Listed in the 2016 Our Website Shortlist Listed in the…
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