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Cover Small Adventures in Cooking - New Voices in Food

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Considered an exciting new voice that is irrepressible in food, James Ramsden is also one of a generation of 20…
Cover The Psycho-Analysis Of Artistic Vision And Hearing: An Introduction to a Theory of Unconscious Perception

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First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, the Informa Corporation.
Cover Self Continuity: Individual and Collective Perspectives

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This volume is the first to bring together fast-growing research on self-continuity from multiple perspectives within and outside of social…
Cover Extrapolations: Demonstrations Of Ericksonian Therapy : Ericksonian Monographs  6

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It was first published in 1990. Routledge is a footprint of Taylor & Francis, a media company.
Cover Carluccio's Complete Italian Food

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Antonio Carloccio is one of the greatest ambassadors of Italian food, believing that Italy produces the best products and the…
Cover Teenage Pregnancy: The Interaction of Psyche and Culture

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Unmarried teenage pregnancy is a national problem - and a mystery to doctors and social psychologists. How do we understand…

Cover Linguistic Dating of Biblical Texts: Volume 2 - BibleWorld

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Since the beginning of the written written critical texts, they have been dated using linguistic evidence. So far there has…
Cover Self-Esteem For Dummies

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Boost your self-esteem and truly think you are totally awesome. Looking for more self-esteem? you are not alone. Fortunately, dolls'…
Cover Locavesting: The Revolution in Local Investing and How to Profit From It

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How individuals and societies can benefit from local investment In the wake of the financial crisis, investors face a tough…
Cover Talking with Doctors

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Without any warning, in September 1999, David Newman was told that he had a rare and life-threatening tumor at the…
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